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Carpet Cleaning.​  Client needed a new website after a failed one made by someone in India that was “inexpensive.” He paid me 1/2 of the initial site cost and has better search engine results and communications with customers.  This client has been with me for 11 years.

dirtyrugs carpet cleaning for Western New York
Cleaner fresher carpets for Western New York


Newer client.  An educational foundation providing alternative services for children, their education, and their well-being. 

Office Space

David Allan Upholstery

Client since 2004.  Really simple advertising presence online.  Graphics must have delicately fashioned  detail so David Allan customers can envision their new design.


Shaw Academic Institute

Education website. Client since 2015.  With the changes in education, Shaw Academic has had many changes to accommodate the new and different needs to serve education.  This site kept them going strong during lockdown.