Small business websites

Model of Artisans Websites

Handmade custom websites especially for local businesses. A website doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated! It should be smart and user friendly. Renovate and refreshen websites that exist!

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What I can offer

For the past 10 years, I have done websites only by referrals.  In this time of small business struggle, it was recommended to me by one client to do this for more small businesses.

Web Space Economy

Why Choose Me

Building Planning

According to your business plan. Your business plan is the lead on how we create your website

Renovate and refreshen existing websites

I fix "Weebly" sites and others that the template offered as your brand​

Interior Content

Woven into your website is you. Carefully crafted expression to the interior of website to express to the world

Real Estate of Websites

Where does the best information lie to attract customers? How do we set up contact page (texting too) to get more customers?

Keeping it Simple

This is a short description elaborating the service you have mentioned above.​

Free Consultation

Of course, free. In many cases, I can set up a demo site for you.